Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fox News Making Great New Name For Itself

  May 24 2017

Fox News Retracts Seth Rich Story That Stirred Controversy (what - was that #FakeNews !?!?)

Let's see, what else, in the last few months:
Roger Ailles, alleged slimeball and sexual harasser.
Bill O'Reilly, alleged slimeball and sexual harasser. 
What's going on now with that blathering Sean Hannity?

I got a better logo for Fox:

Fox News: Fair and Balanced Fake and Bogus

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sex, Lies, Audiotape

Check, check, check, we've got all that in our president. 

that and more.

make your health care unaffordable? stealing from the poor to give to the rich? ties to Russia? lies? fibs? delusions? does he really believe all he says? or does he have bad advisors? either way does that make him smart or stupid? can a billionaire, or bankrupt billionaire, relate to any real people in America? do billionaires give a shit about poor people (who are anybody less than themselves)? 

none of this will make America great again.

Politics as usual, from billionaires in the swamp.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Death Panels to Return

While the Democrat (Alt News) plan for Death Panels was once ridiculed, the New Republicans have decided they aren't such a bad idea after all.

"Old Peeps are halfway to dead anyway," said the New Republic Prezident. "This will save billions of dollars on the New Health Care, and will make it way cheaper for younger pretty people. We will all (excepting Old Peeps), see more money flow into our per$onal coffer$.

"I will appoint a few friends of mine to decide all the cases on the New Death Panel, so things will run smoothly."

#NeverFear. #TrustUs. Things are under control.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

She Weeps

February 1 2017

What are we becoming?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Welcome to the New America

January 30 2017

what's happening to us???