Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Health Care: Repeal First, Then Replace!

July 4 2017

Great idea!

Wait - is it?

The American people (not the rich swamp politicians, but everybody else, of course) are floating in the middle of the ocean on this big boat.

Rich swamp politicians say, "this boat is a piece of crap!" (Nevermind it's keeping Americans afloat.) "Let's repeal it and sink the boat!"

American people say, "Wait, what happens when our boat is gone?"

Rich swamp politicians: "Who cares! We'll figure it out and replace it later! We've never come up with an alternate idea before, but that's not the point! This boat is a piece of crap because our political enemy created it!"

Rich swamp politicians (who are floating in their personal yachts) take away the boat, and most of the American people drown, because the replacement boat was going to be developed at some point in the future.

But then, with most of the American people dead, no need for health care. Win-win for the rich swamp politicians.

Happy 4rh of July, America! We will, most of us, die sooner rather than later because the most powerful nation on earth couldn't agree on a Revenge Health Care Plan, but they can agree to sink the boat that's floating.

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