Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Illegal Schmillegal

Re: the new Immigration Law in Arizona

Which should be more accurately called Paranoid White Racist American Law.

"They take away our jobs!" Uh - no they don't. How many Americans work for $1 an hour in the fields and live 15 to a one-room shack? How many of you are going to whine, complain, blame the guv'ment, weep and gnash your teeth when the prices of: fruits, vegetables, housing, construction, hotels, fast food, car repair, and, well, just about everything, goes up, because these Undesirables no longer work on the cheap for us all?

Instead of building a Berlin wall, shooting perpetrators, or barricading yourself in your home so as not to be near 'those people,' think about some options.

Like: if the illegals were legalized and made to: pay taxes, social security and medicare, buy health and car insurance, they 1) wouldn't want to come here so much and 2) they'd be contributing to society, bring medical and car insurance costs down, and helping pay for the system that supports them now for free. That would mean, more savings, more money, for you and me!

A wall's not going to keep them out, border patrols won't keep them out; they aren't going to stop driving cars and using hospitals; ain't no white people going to be flooding the fields to take the illegals' jobs; white officials' hands and pockets will get greased to look the other way just as easily as they are now... so let's think about the realities (one of which is NOT a pure white members-only United White States) before blood is shed over this.

Get over yourselves, Pure (But Not Really) White People.

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