Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fly the Friendly Skies

Tuesday April 20 2010

wow. listen to all those people complaining they can't get a flight home from their vacations in Europe because of the grounding of flights due to the ash clouds from the Iceland volcano eruption.

One would think the Air Transportation WhoHahs are basing their decisions on the safety of passengers and the desire to prevent tragedies of crashed airplanes and dead people. I reckon it would be worth it to be stuck in Spain or France if there was a possibility I might die in a plane crash. I could eat lots of tapas and pastries and read a couple of books while I waited.

Think of the even louder outcries (from these same people) if a plane crashes because it flew too soon when it wasn't that safe.

Is it worth just one plane crashing?

Are they all really in THAT big a hurry to get home?

Would you be willing to gamble on the odds?

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