Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop the Music

OMG - would you bloggers stop putting on damn music that automatically comes on whenever I go to your blog page???

For god's sake. I might have a couple of blog pages open at once, and all these damn tunes start playing. What if I'm already listening to the radio?!

Here's a suggestion. If you must put your music choices on there - like I care what you like - give me a PLAY button. Don't make it so I have to search your whole page through all the adds and awards and other crap you have on there to find the music icon and find the PAUSE button to stop the noise.

Better yet, take the music off! If I want to listen to what you want me to listen to, I'll email you and beg you to share with me what you like.

Now, just to show you how irritating it is, I'm going to go put a COUPLE of these music things on my blog page here, so they all come on automatically and you have to listen to all of them at once.

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